What No One Tells You About Real-Time Machine Learning

Full Stack ML

During this year, I heard and read a lot about real-time machine learning. People usually provide this appealing business scenario when discussing credit card fraud detection systems. They say that they can continuously update credit card fraud detection model in real-time (See “What is Apache Spark?”,“…real-time use cases…” and “Real time machine learning”). It looks fantastic but not realistic to me. One important detail is missing in this scenario – continuous flow of transactional data is not needed for model retraining. Instead, you need continuous flow of labeled (or pre-marked as FraudNot-Fraud) transactional data.

Machine learning process Machine learning process

Creating labeled data is probably the slowest and the most expensive step in most of the machine learning systems. Machine learning algorithms learn to detect the fraud transactions from the people which is much like labeled data. Let’s see how it works for fraud detection scenario.

1. Creating model


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