Reviews; Machine learning for music discovery; icml 2016 workshop, new york [1/2: invited talks]

Keunwoo Choi

I attended this amazing workshop this year again, Machine learning for music discovery at International conference on machine learning (ICML) 2016. ICML is one of the biggest conferences in machine learning (ICML; THE summer ML conference, NIPS; THE winter ML conference)(Or the opposite if it happens at somewhere in southern hemisphere). The whole conference was massive! The committee expected ~3,000 attendees. ML4MD workshop was also rather packed, though the room was not large like deep learning workshop.

There was one keynote (1hr), 5 invited talks, 8 accepted talks, and happy hours.

Project Magenta: Can Music Generation be Solved with Music Recommendation?

By Douglas Eck, Google Brain

Douglas Eck gave this presentation about rather hot issue – Project Magenta by Google Brain. If you haven’t heard of it — please check out the website. The current example is not that like state-of-the-art-as-Google-does-all-the-time, but it is a project that just started…

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